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Block Slider XML Image Banner Rotator with Youtube
Published Size: 82 kb
Opens With:
Flash 8 (8+), Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+)
ActionScript Version: AS2
Block Slider XML Image Banner Rotator with Youtube
Date | 2011-01-24  Visitors | 3.247
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ITEM's Features

The BLOCK SLIDER is a highly customizable multi media banner rotator updated via xml.
Play FLV or Youtube Videos, Play mp3 tracks, great for a musician or band website.
Video players come with complete playback controls as well as a Share feature which allows users to forward your videos to there friends via Twitter or Facebook.

Fonts can easily be changed to anything you want, all colors and banner Width and Height are set via xml. Comes with both the light and dark skin.

  • Multi Media showcase images, video, mp3s, swfs
  • Set banner Width & Height in xml
  • Set border Width & Height in xml, or you can set to no border
  • Several different transition effects including horizontal bars, vertical bars and standard fade
  • HTML formatting on all text Fields
  • Change font size to anything in xml, bars automatically adjust to fit
  • Change caption bar colors in xml
  • Turn captions on or off in xml
  • Linkable Slides
  • Set slide link target (_blank, _self etc) in xml
  • Turn circle thumb navigation on or off in xml
  • Add a Youtube video in xml
  • Add a FLV video in xml (also set 4:3, 16:9 or Maximum banner Height and Width in xml)
  • Videos come with complete playback controls, including fullscreen toggle
  • Share your videos, set url links in xml so users can share with Friends via Twitter or Facebook
  • Add a video description in xml

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