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Design Studio Template 01 XML
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MX 2004 (7+)
ActionScript Version: AS2
Design Studio Template 01 XML
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Date | 2010-12-15  Visitors | 590
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ITEM's Features
  • Full browser display / site always centered on screen.
  • XML driven news articles.
  • XML driven featured projects.
  • XML driven staff member info / contact details.
  • XML driven photo gallery for staff/company photo’s.
  • XML driven company services section.
  • XML driven portfolio section
  • Simple quick contact form, no PHP required.
  • Images and music tracks are loaded in outside of the flash file so easy to replace with your own content.
  • With the XML files you can change number of items displayed, image paths, URL links, copy text etc easily without having to make changes to the flash
  • For the main banners you could also load in swfs which could be animated or play video instead of using static jpegs. Simply add the path to the swf in the XML file.
  • Flash MX 2004 & Flash 8 FLA versions included.

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