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Facebook Fan Page Themes/RSS/Ken Burns/XML
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Flash 8 (8+), Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+)
ActionScript Version: AS3
Facebook Fan Page Themes/RSS/Ken Burns/XML
Date | 2011-02-08  Visitors | 2.991
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This template is build to fit in perfectly in your Facebook’s Fan Page Tab and uses Flash technology to do things FBML and HTML is not able to. 500 million Facebook users are waiting to get impressed by your page.

Facebook Fan Pages have become a standard in Social Media lately. But forget about learning how to set up a page, learning and scripting the specifics of Facebook FBML . Just do some XML customization work to create your own unique and stylish Facebook fanpage. Use your own Facebook content or all kinds of external sources like your Blog, your Twitter account, some Flickr pics for example to bring together all your WWW activities.

  • Own build XML (HTML-formated) Feed
  • Own build pages
  • Your Facebook wall
  • Youtube channels
  • Pics from Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket
  • Your or other Blogs (e.g. Wordpress, Tumblr or Feedburner Feeds)
  • Vimeo channels
  • Twitter
  • ... everything that gives you a RSS or Atom feed

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updated | 2011-06-07
XML Equalizer Menu Using AS3
timer() Class Method Using AS3
Loading External CSS Using AS3
SetInterval Method Using AS3
Creating Mask Using AS3
Creating Bevel Function Using AS3
Creating Blur Function Using AS3
Creating Glow Function Using AS3
Creating Grayscale Function Using AS3
Google Maps API Using AS3
Easy Scrollbar Using AS3
Full Screen Button Using AS3
Dynamic Object Alignment Using AS3
Tile Background Using AS3
Creating Drop Shadow Function Using AS3
Mouse Follow with Easing Using AS3
Generate Random Number Using AS3
Loading XML Data Using AS3
Customizing Flash Context Menu Using AS3
updated | 2011-03-23