by igniteflash
Youtube Player with Facebook and Twitter Share
Published Size: 50 kb
Opens With:
Flash 8 (8+), Flash CS3 (9+), Flash CS4 (10+), Flash CS5 (10+)
ActionScript Version: AS2
Youtube Player with Facebook and Twitter Share
Date | 2011-03-11  Visitors | 2.603
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ITEM's Features

Awesome XML Youtube Player with Facebook and Twitter Share capability. Also includes embedding functionality, and multiple playback quality settings, including HD720 and HD1080 . Many settings available in the xml including;

  • Set Youtube ID
  • Set Width and Height
  • Multiple playback quality settings including HD720 and HD1080
  • Set Share link
  • Set control bar to fixed or non fixed
  • Turn Fullscreen toggle on or off
  • Skin scrub colors
  • And more…

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